Shower the People

James Taylor is a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and a five-time Grammy winner. He’s been performing for more than four decades, he’s sold close to 100 million albums. No wonder Time magazine heralded him as the harbinger of the singer-songwriter era.  Bottom line: the man has skills.

Not too long ago my wife scored us tickets to his concert with the Utah Symphony and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  It was a magical evening. After his final song, I got on my feet with the other 20,000 plus people in attendance and gave him an ovation as he exited the theater. We couldn’t sit down. The air was electric. We just kept cheering and applauding.

Then, all of a sudden, James Taylor returned to the stage. He picked up his guitar, leaned into the microphone, and modestly said, “I hope that looked spontaneous.” Everyone laughed.  His performance was flawless.  He knew he’d nailed it like so many other nights.

It was a priceless lesson to witness how years and years of practice can truly pay off. And then he began singing one of my all-time favorites, Shower the People. I wanted to lean over to Jackie and ask, “Is this heaven?” and then she would say, “No; it’s just Salt Lake.”

What was a remarkable evening for me and thousands of others was a result of one man doing a little each day for most of his life. I once heard someone say, “To do the impossible, you must do the possible in incremental steps over a sustained period of time.”

That’s you. That’s me. We can do that.  Doing the possible, one day at time. If you do, you will one day witness yourself doing what once seemed impossible. And like James Taylor, when you’re finished showering those around you with the gifts you’ve developed, you can also be humble and make it seem like no big deal.



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  1. I look forward to every communication from you. I miss the one minute videos yet still enjoy every blog post. Keep it up you inspire many.

  2. Bravo! Bryan thank you for writing a blog that put us in the that room and for the love and caring the led you share it with us! It’s was a pleasure to read and an encouraging reminder that we must stay the course! And thanks to Richard Brooke who made sure I read it and it didn’t get lost in a sea of email. I am inspired.

  3. YOU “nailed” this article for sure! I love James Taylor as well, and love the quote you posted at the end.
    Needed it for sure. And even if I’m moving slowly to do the possible, at least I’m moving – right? Thank you!! : )

  4. As a relatively new North American, I have to confess that I had never heard of James Taylor before today. Thank you for rectifying that.

    A wonderful story about an accomplished artist and wonderful message for all of us.

  5. Not only a great story, but a lesson on life that every young and old person alike should internalize and put into action. In our “instant society” many have never realized the value of doing what at times seems to be the mundane — but very important — things every day that leads ultimately to life long success and prosperity.
    Excellent reminder Bryan!

  6. I’ve been listening to James Taylor for decades and always appreciated his music and messages. However, you Bryan have highlighted JT’s genius in a completely different light, and delivered a message that has as much meaning as his music itself. JT is a musical genius. You Bryan, are a genius in your ability to finding meaning in our daily activities. Thanks for sharing your genius Bryan!

  7. Thanks for this. I’ve loved J. Taylor for 4 decades…so gentle, so smart, so sensitive & so talented. Sorry I missed him singing with The M. T. Choir. Thanks, again, for sharing.

  8. Thanks for the article. I am Brazilian and I grew up with James Taylor songs in Brazil. Being in Salt Lake during his presentation was a fantastic experience… I also asked to my self if it was heaven. My wife told me several times during the show… “keep the images and the sounds in your mind, try to picture the moment”. Thanks for the great story.

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