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Getting the right dash of inspiration at the right moment can set you on a course that will change the way you see things. More importantly, it’ll change the way you do things. That’s exactly what every one of Bryan Thayer’s listener comes away with—the tools to make a difference.

Bryan is a speaker who just doesn’t disappoint. His gift for weaving instruction with story leaves his audiences buzzing about what a great speech they just heard and making tomorrow’s to-do list at the same time.

Topics include:

  • Telling the Greatest Story Ever Told…Yours
  • How to Ask For and Get Exactly What You Want
  • Living Abundantly
  • Creating and Expecting Miracles in Your Life
  • Working Your Circle
  • The Happiness Factor
  • Achieving Your Personal Best
  • Doing the Right Things
  • Goals and Gravity
  • Crafting Your Vision

I just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You were terrific.  I look forward to another fabulous event in January where again, we would love to see you there.

You are genuine and authentic and I truly appreciate your advice, both written and spoken.

Nancy Thunell
Solutions Group

Our teams loved your message on goals and clues! Multiple people voiced that it was the best session they attended, and one in particular has already bought your book and read most of it! We really appreciate the time you spent with us and the great influence you had on our team.

Ben Peterson

Bamboo HR

That was one of the best presentations that I’ve had the opportunity to participate in over my nearly 25 years of being a business executive. Our leaders are still talking about it!

Kevin Gull

Strategic Services
Wealth Generators

Bryan had everyone captivated from the moment he spoke his first word to the end. Thank you so very much for coming and being the highlight of our conference.

Casey Lawrence

Premier Computing, Inc.

I have listened to many speakers and Bryan is in the top 5% of speakers I have ever heard – he is outstanding!

Scott R. Mickelsen, Ph.D.

Dawson Community College

Bryan Thayer is motivational, inspirational, and shares from the heart. He drives others to believe they too can have success.

Ted Silverberg

Malibu Insurance Group

Bryan is at ease with his audience and allows them to open up in a way few speakers can. His casual and humorous approach helps his persona come across as genuine and real. Bryan has taught me over the years to live life in abundance to make the most of every moment. His teachings have created a sense of community among our Distributors that is creating unity amongst our team.

Chris Sanchez
Biometics International Inc.

I wanted Bryan to know that his talk changed my life.  It truly changed how I look at things.  I just thought he was awesome.  Very inspiring.  Exceptional!!!

Thank you

Jeanne Schneiberg

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