Life Leaves Clues (Personally Autographed)

How to discover the success clues all around you

Finding your path to success is not as complicated as you may think. People who perform at above-average levels have learned a simple but essential skill: they have discovered how to recognize and act on the clues that life leaves for them.

Most people never learn how to see their clues. Now it’s time for you to discover your own ultimate potential. Life Leaves Clues will show you how to recognize your own essential clues to give you the edge you need.

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The One Minute Networker (Personally Autographed)

9 Simple laws of networking that will change your life forever

Good things seem to just “happen” for some people. But nothing just happens in life. The truth is that success comes to successful people because they’ve learned how to harness the power found in the Nine Laws of Networking.

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