“Incredible Book”

I loved the first chapter. Then, the more I read, the more I loved the whole thing. Incredible book. A must read for every entrepreneur!

Richard Bliss Brooke

“Helped me realize that almost everything I do in some way or another is networking”

I really like your book because it is so simple to read, and it's interesting how you make each of the laws of networking play into everyday life. It has helped me realize that almost everything I do in some way or another is networking and I just didn't realize it before. Thanks for writing such an awesome book!

Susan Devey

“I Think Everyone Should Own It”

I now have a better insight as to what my customers needs are. This gave me some great ideas. This is a fine piece of work. I think everyone should own it!

Paul Cohen
San Diego, CA

“How Empowering!”

Hi Bryan, Love your new book. Norm and I read it as soon as it arrived. What great information! How empowering!

Marlys Hellbusch

“Positive Guidance”

Today, Monday, the book arrived. I started to read it but before I got very far in it I got to this part where it said “Pause right now and think of the first name that comes to mind. Send that person a card or call him or her - just out of the blue. NO strings attached. Simply give a compliment about something you appreciate about them.&rdquo I immediately sent an email to the person I thought about and re-connected a relationship. The book made me feel so great. It has been enjoyable reading positive affirmations and guidance from this book.

Diane Hill

“I Highly Recommend It!”

The One Minute Manager is an enlightening little book that supports readers to understand some very important success principles through entertaining stories, examples, and tips. I highly recommend it!

Dr. Joe Rubino

“No matter what industry or business...”

No matter what industry or business you are in, you can benefit from the lessons in Bryan's book. Networking is something every professional must do to be successful. The One-Minute Networker describes easy-to-use ideas that you can implement today to be more successful in any relationship.

Alan Peterson
Director, Flying Leap Films, Inc.

“Best book I've read this year”

I can't remember the last book I've come across that was as concise and as clear as The One Minute Networker. True to its title, it offered me simple, easy habits that require only a minute here and a minute there and lets networking (and wealth) happen naturally - not strained or forced.

I also enjoyed the fact that the book rises above so many others that have left me mired in generalities. The One Minute Networker was mindful to build on the foundation concepts by adding the finish-work of detailed tips and ideas that made taking action a snap.

Bottom line is that these nine laws work, and for me they worked right out of the gate. On my last business trip, building my network was brought to the fore of my mind and I was more cognizant of the value I could offer each person I came in contact with - and the techniques made it so comfortable.

I would say to anyone that is serious about building their business that they would be crazy not to catch this insightful book in fact they can't afford to miss it.

Andy Tanner
Professional Speaker
Salt Lake City, UT

“Everything makes sense and is easy to apply”

I loved this book. It is a quick read, and everything makes sense and is easy to apply. The bottom line is that networking is all about people and letting them know that you really care about them. When you are approaching people because you care, it takes away the fear, and Bryan's book teaches us how. I recommend this book to everyone in my business.

Sent to us anonymously.
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“Very simple, yet powerful”

Hi Bryan! I just wanted to let you know that I finished your book on the plane. Very simple, yet powerful. Thanks again for all the information you shared!

Ace Hawkins
CEO/Co-Founder Nouveau Cosmeceuticals

“Bryan can share those principles with you”

Bryan Thayer is motivational, inspirational, and shares from the heart. As a writer or speaker Bryan drives others to believe they too can have success. Bryan makes you realize he is just one of us, who with simple consistent work, made it to the top. “DO YOU KNOW THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL?... Bryan can share those principles with you!”

Ted Silverberg
Biometics International

“Anyone serious about building their business NEEDS to read this book!”

I enjoyed reading 'The One Minute Networker.' It was well-written and easy to understand. I was so impressed with it that we now include it in our Starter Kit for all new distributors. We receive calls almost daily thanking us for including it. We have seen dramatic growth in many of our distributors' businesses that they say is directly because of the timely advice and easy-to-follow steps outlined in this great book. Anyone that is serious about building their business NEEDS to read this book!

Jay Hebdon
Director of Sales & Marketing

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