Your Life Is a Movie

Do you ever think about your life as a movie or a book, maybe a play? When something big happens, can you see it playing out on screen? We all have amazing stories to tell, and they’re better than any book that could be written or any movie that could be made. And here’s what’s so cool about that: You are the author and director of your own story.

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Boxed In?

Thinking outside the box should start well before you’re boxed in. Here are some ways to loosen up your mind and get those ideas flowing.

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God Bless You

God Bless You

God Bless You

This past weekend my wife Jackie and I met some friends to see the recently released movie Contagion. I dropped Jackie off curbside so she could go in and buy our tickets while I found a parking spot in the five-story car garage. I didn’t mind that the spot I found was some distance away; I needed to walk off my Chinese dinner.

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